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Writer - Jackie Cali Hunt

Jackie began writing in middle school, and she never looked back. While there was a brief hiatus (only a decade or so), writing and storytelling have always remained a passion. She graduated from LSU as a Creative Writing and French major, but with student debt looming, she had to find a job. During the decade away from writing, Jackie met the love of her life, traveled, became debt-free, got a Master’s degree, changed career paths, and finally had children.


Jackie has experience as a friend, daughter, sibling, wife, mother, teacher, and colleague, and she loves to write about all of them. Her children are young (currently under 5), so most of her days are spent with them and her husband while she makes everything else fit where she can.

Jackie writes here on the blog, but she also will be launching her own professional blog as she continues to work on her debut novel. Stay tuned for more information!

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