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Cali Creates was founded in 2019 with the intention of finding out what it takes to find true happiness within your mind, body, and soul. Now, Cali Creates has expanded into a Healthy Living Organization. You can find blogs and podcasts from our original founder, Jessie Cali, who continues to share her stories and experiences via the Blog and the Cali Chats Podcast. Additionally, you will find new bloggers and guest writers/speakers here on the site and on the podcast.

At the Cali Creates core, you can find a safe space where stories and experiences are shared in an effort to encourage others by letting them know that they are not alone in the world. We live by the 4 pillars below: Lifestyle, Self-Love, Coaching, and Authenticity.


Cali Creates LLC is not just a blog, it's a lifestyle. The stories shared are meant to help others to be the best they can be. Our wish is that the readers of Cali Creates can also make positive life changes for the better.


Our mission is to motivate and empower those on a journey to find their self-worth. Each and every one of you is worth the world and it is time that you believe it! Take your first step today to loving you.


At Cali Creates LLC, we share all of our knowledge with you! We share our industry knowledge about our careers, our mental health knowledge from our personal journeys, and so much more in hopes of inspiring you.


Our goal from day one was to be relatable and authentic. At Cali Creates LLC, that's the goal. We are here to give you the raw, unfiltered stories of our lives to encourage you to be your best self. Future, past, and present. 

What's on the Blog?

The Cali Creates Blog features all sorts of topics. The main topics we dive into are centered around Mental Health, Healthy Living, and Career Tips. However, we have so much more on the blog as well. Below you can find a list of our Blog Categories and our current bloggers. We have guest bloggers from time to time as well, so keep an eye out for that. We are also always interested in expanding to new topics, so if you have anything you'd like to see on here, please let us know here. You can subscribe here!

Blog Categories

Our Blog Writers

About the Podcast

Cali Chats Logo

Cali Chats Podcast

Episode Bio: A Healthy Living Podcast with a goal of helping You Find True Happiness within your Mind, Body, and Soul. It's Time to Get Real.


When your mind, body, and soul are unaligned, you will continue to feel like your life is out of control. My goal is to help you get to the best version of yourself so that you can live your best life. It’s not easy to navigate through all the struggles that come up in life, but you just have to keep going. My hope is that sharing my voice and my struggles will help you ultimately feel better, feel good, and of course make you smile.

Host: Jessie Cali

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Find out where to listen here!


Who is Jessie Cali?

Hello! My name is Jessie & I currently live in Memphis, TN. While growing up, my family moved all over the states & we ended up residing in Memphis back in the late 90s. Being a mover & a shaker has always pushed me out of my comfort zone. I seem to flourish when I have no idea what my next move is going to be & I have my parents to thank for that!


I am also an LSU Alum, Geaux Tigers! Upon graduating with my Marketing Bachelors degree, I moved straight into the working world & moved all over. There were many ups & downs, but I loved every minute of it. I gained life friends, made some big moves, accomplished goals, traveled fearlessly, made mistakes, picked myself up, but more importantly, I made the choice to live fully. 


As a lifestyle Blogger, Podcaster, & Vlogger, even if I only help one person, my goal is to share my experiences, outlook & mindset in the hopes to help push someone else to be the best they can be. Trust me, it took me a while to get to the place I am currently at in my mind, body & soul. And, I am certainly not finished the journey.


So, if this interests you, come along for the ride! Welcome to Cali Creates. Let's do this.


Looking to learn even more about me personally and professionally? Check out!


Wanna chat? Email Me:


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