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3 Simple Steps to Start Your Day Right

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Alright, so I've been coining these 3 simple steps with my friends ever since the day I made them.

It's literally a 3 step checklist I do every morning to make sure my day is off to a good start. It's honestly kind of like a scale, a 0-3 scale of where I'm at each morning after I've gotten ready for the day.

Once I shared these steps with my friends and coworkers, I started hearing "Hey Lady!!! It's a 3/3 day, isn't it?!" It definitely has become a pretty constant part of my world - LOL.

Anyway, after I started this simple process, I noticed that I had retrained my mind. Even if I had a bad morning, as long as I was at a 2/3 on my personal morning scale, then I was ready to take on the day. I had picked 3 things that I wanted to accomplish every morning before starting the day and set a goal to at least accomplish 2/3 every day. The ultimate goal was obviously 3/3, but I was willing to try to at least hit two-thirds when I started this process.

So, level with me, we've all been there right... where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, bad mood, and just NOT feeling it. You may throw you hair up in a messy bun, find the closest outfit, and do your makeup hella quickly (if at all). Trust me, I've BEEN THERE.

And, some days, yes, I am still there. I call those days, Mental Health Days, where I can wear and do whatever I need to get my head back on straight.

Anyway! You may be saying, "Okay!! What are these 3 steps?!"

Well, before we get there, it's important to note that these steps are personal to how I start my days and make sure I'm putting my best foot forward. For you, these 3 important things could be completely different. After, I reveal my scale / steps, take note of what 3 things you would like to get done every morning before starting the day. Not sure? We'll discuss later on in the post!

So, without further ado...

My 3 Simple Steps to Start Your Day Right

1. Wear an Outfit I Feel GREAT in

  • Yes, this includes the whole package of an outfit! The clothes, accessories, shoes... everything! When I started this 3 step scale, I had noticed that my closet was FULL of gorgeous options, but I had become comfortable with the same old, same old. I wanted to push myself to choose different, fresh options each day.

2. Up my Skincare Game & Apply Makeup to Boost My Confidence

  • For me, I pretty much never walk out of the house without at least Foundation (my go-to Foundation) or a Tinted Moisturizer on (my fave here!). Mostly because, I hated when any blemishes or acne showed. So, I always had that step as part of my routine. However! I wanted to up my skincare game and actually use quality products. BOY, was I shocked at the difference it made when I was using better skincare products. My acne was much more manageable and my confidence started to rise. I also got to use makeup as an enhancer, instead of using it to hide acne. Shameless plug for Curology, aka the best skincare routine I have EVER used. No lie, my acne is essentially nonexistent now. You've got to try it.

3. Style & Fix my Hair in SOME Way - LOL

  • So, this part of the scale was created, because when I'm in a rush, I would like nothing more than to throw my hair in a messy bun. Unfortunately, I had noticed I was doing that WAY too often. I have naturally curly hair, so fortunately for me, I am able to wear it down and natural when I'm feeling lazy, and it looks great! However, day two of naturally curly hair sometimes looks a little cray cray... exactly why the messy bun was created. Now, I do still put the bun up to work out and on a lazy day, but I make sure it's not EVERY day. And, when it is a messy bun day, I try to dress it up with some cute scrunchies!

So that's it! That's my 3 part scale.

The way that I look at it goes like this, as long as I can accomplish 2/3 of those goals every day, I am off to a great start. And, when I have a 3/3 day, WELL, nothing can stop me on those days! Come at me world, I'm ready!

You may be reading this thinking I'm silly and ya know what, I kinda am! 😏 As simple as these steps were, I have been able to grow my confidence and love the way I feel and look on a daily basis. Now, I realize the Global Pandemic has changed what we all do on the daily, but don't be afraid to push yourself to set 3 small goals each day.

So, let's get started!

Pick 3 achievable goals that you would like to accomplish every day and start NOW!

Looking for some ideas other than mine above? See below for some other great morning routine options:

I hope you feel encouraged to improve your mornings so that your days can go by much more smoothly! I promise that once you fix your morning routines, your days will start to be a lot less stressful. I 100% recommend you choose your 3 Daily Achievable Goals today and start off tomorrow on a positive note.

You got this! Let's knock out tomorrow!

Until Next Time,



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