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How I Made an Extra $1000 on Rover During the Holidays

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

...& Guess What?!

You can too.

So, first things first, do you absolutely LOVE animals? Do you wish you could just meet and hang out with some of the sweetest dogs and cats in the world? Do you also have free time or want to find a more fun way to exercise?

Yes & Yes & Yes?!

YAY! Then, I have the best side hustle and possible new gig for you!

I found myself with a lot of free time with my new found hustle and main gig. My main gig is marketing consulting for various clients, while also running Cali Creates LLC. It can be busy at times, but with such a flexible schedule I am able to move things around fairly easily.

That being said, I wanted to find a fun way to exercise and get out and about since I spend so much time cooped up inside working. "Working from home" is nice and definitely has its perks, but you get bored and stare at the walls sometimes.

All jokes aside, I started looking into becoming a Rover sitter since I had previously used Rover to find sitters for Ginger (the cutest Pomeranian... EVER) many times prior. The process was super easy and you can set your profile up in less than a couple hours time. You can also send review request emails to friends to boost your Pet Sitter Profile. They give you all the tools you need to make your profile.

Once you're done with making the profile, you need to pick the services you'd like to offer. There's lots of different options of services you can provide as a pet sitter. Personally, I chose to only offer dog walking and dog/cat drop-in visit services. I wasn't interested in overnight boarding in my home or at the clients' home since I was strictly looking to do this for exercise and to gain a bit of extra income during the holiday. You can see all the options of what services you can provide below:

  • Dog Boarding

  • House Sitting

  • Drop-In Visits

  • Doggy Day Care

  • Dog Walking

Once you choose the services, it's time to price your services. Your pricing can differ based on lots of things and it's up to you to decide what those prices are. My advice is to keep in mind location, gas prices, amount of time/pets involved when making those decisions. I set my location radius to only 5 miles since I wasn't looking to travel far to offer dog walking and visits. I also advise you to take a look at all the sitters in your area and see what they are pricing their services at. That should give you a better idea of what you should charge early on when starting your side hustle. My advice is to start lower than your competition in the beginning so that you can gain some clientele.

After setting up the page with what services you provide, pictures, and an about me section, the next step is getting some reviews up on your profile. I recommend getting reviews from family or friends that you've previously pet sat for. Rover makes this easy! You can send an email to anyone to review you on your pet services.

After that, make sure your availability and calendar is up-to-date. Once you do that, you're on your way to being a pro pet sitter in no time!

Pro Tip: Update and provide your availability every 2 weeks. Rover will put you at the top of the searches when you consistently provide up-to-date availability.

You can share your pet sitter profile via Social Media, Email, Text, and more! Trust me, once you get started, the requests roll in. Make sure to respond quickly and you will get booked consistently.

Happy Pet Sitting & Dog Walking!

Are you a pet owner and looking to find a sitter like me in your area? Head over to Rover and use code: JESSIC50487 when booking to get $20 off your first visit.

Until Next Time,


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