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Find True Happiness within your Mind, Body, and Soul

It's Time to Get Real.

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Welcome to Cali Creates! This blog was founded in 2019 with the intention of finding out what it takes to find true happiness within your mind, body, and soul. Now, Cali Creates has expanded into a Healthy Living Organization. You can find blogs and podcasts from our original founder, Jessie Cali, who continues to share her stories and experiences via the Blog and the Cali Chats Podcast. Additionally, you will find new bloggers and guest writers/speakers here on the site and on the podcast.

At the Cali Creates core, you can find a safe space where stories and experiences are shared in an effort to encourage others by letting them know that they are not alone in the world. Feel free to take a look around! We are so happy to have you.

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Cali Chats is a Healthy Living Podcast with a goal of helping You Find True Happiness within your Mind, Body, and Soul. It's Time to Get Real.

To start listening or watching, visit the Cali Chats section of the site where you can find all the links to all Podcast episodes!
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