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For the Love of Humidity

Alright, if you’ve made it to this post, you are either 1) a plant newbie or 2) looking for information on how to care for humidity loving plants.

Well, for the LOVE of HUMIDITY, I am here to set you up for success with your tropical misty friends. Trust me, pay attention now or have regrets later. If you have a humidity loving plant, it will become unhappy fairly quickly if it is not given the proper environment to thrive. So, for starters, let’s discuss some plant types who LOVE High Humidity:

  • Calatheas

  • Alocasias

  • Ferns

  • Triostar Stromanthe

  • Ficus Elasticas (Rubber Plants)

  • Fittonias (Nerve Plants)

  • Prayer Plants

  • And Many, Many More Tropical Friends

Most of the above plants are some of my favorites, but they can turn real feisty toward you if the environment they enjoy most is not created. Now, listen, I’m not telling you that you have to shower with your plants like I have been known to do… HAHA. But, it’s important to make sure you have a good understanding of what these plants need to flourish. Without further ado, here are some tips to keep your humidity loving plants happy!

1) Keep an eye on your plant’s leaves. If you notice the tips browning, this could be an easy indicator of the lack of humidity.

  • It took me a long time to get my Calatheas and Triostar Stromanthe happy! I would notice the browning tips and realized quickly that I had a humidity issue.

2) Buy an indoor Thermometer/Humidity Gauge.

  • Once I found out I had a humidity issue, I decided to invest in a Thermometer/Humidity Gauge. (See my favorite below or click here!) These are fairly cheap, I got mine for $10 on Amazon and it doubles as a magnet! You can either prop it up like a picture frame or use it as a magnet. Make sure to place it wherever you are wanting your plants to live. This is an easy way to discover if your plant is getting enough humidity.

Images provided by

3) Create a Humid Environment for your plant to thrive. You may be wondering how you can do that! See below:

  • Buy a Humidifier.

    • Depending on how many humidity loving plants you have, it is definitely smart to consider buying yourself a Humidifier if your air is too dry. If you only have a couple plants that need some help, consider buying a small Humidifier like this one or this cute pink one. Now if you have a whole jungle like myself, you should probably go for a larger humidifier like this teardrop model from Crane.

  • Make Pebble Trays.

    • What’s a pebble tray? It’s exactly as it sounds! A tray of pebbles filled with water. Make sure to not fill the water up past the pebbles. I recommend about half full. Then, place your plant pot (with drainage hole) on top of the pebbles. The water in the pebble tray will evaporate creating great humidity for your plant. Lastly, be sure to check the pebble tray when the water level starts dropping and add more water.

  • Remember to Mist Daily.

    • Misting plants is a great way to briefly increase the humidity on a plant. I recommend giving your plants a mist daily! I make sure to use room temperature filtered water in the mornings. This will give the plants time to dry by nightfall. A simple spray bottle, like this one, can do the trick or upgrade to a continuous spray bottle, like this one, that makes the whole ordeal much more fun and fancy.

  • Locate plants away from direct Air Vent & Radiator exposure.

    • Plants that love humidity do not like direct airflow onto them whether it is hot or cold. Make sure to keep them out of the direct flow of air from your vents.

  • Use a Terrarium or a Cabinet with Glass Doors to create a Greenhouse effect.

    • If you have plants that have thinner, more delicate leaves, they may require over 70% Humidity. Terrariums and Cabinets can help lock in that humidity for these plants. They will thrive in a more controlled humid environment. Some of my favorites are below. (Products are linked!)

  • Give your plant a Shower!

    • What do I mean? LOL - I am not saying to take a shower with your plants, but these tropical plants love a good shower every now and then. About once a month, I’ll put my plants in the shower and let them pretend they’re in the Amazon Rainforest living their best lives. You could also consider watering these plants in your Kitchen sink if you have a shower type setting on your faucet. I tend to keep the water at a lukewarm / room temp water temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. I use the kitchen sink method for my Monstera, Triostar Stromanthe, and Aglaonema weekly and they seem to love it. Anytime they get watered, it’s doubling as their rainforest dream!

If you’ve done all of the above or even at least one of the above, I promise your plants health will improve! Don’t give up on these humidity loving plants! Once you find the sweet spot in creating their perfect environment, they will thrive and be your most complimented plant babies.

Check out the below cheat sheet that should help if you ever hit a roadblock:

tips on keeping your humid loving plants happy


Until Next Time, Jessie

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