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Job Searching 101 | Dream Job Magic Part One

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Welcome to Part One of the Dream Job Magic Blog Series. My goal for you is by the end of this 3 Part Series you will be more confident in your abilities and have a clear vision for your career path.

So, if you keep up with me in life or through social media, you may have stumbled on the fact that I am currently unemployed.

In all seriousness, yes, I quit my job. Ultimately, it wasn’t a good fit and my mental health was in a bad place. (Of course, this was before the massive 2020 pandemic hit & YES, I would have 100% not have quit my job during a pandemic had I known. However, I believe everything happens for a reason and I am onward and upward to new opportunities.)

^UPDATE (4/21/2022): For all inquiring minds, I am now a self-employed Marketing Consultant. Everything truly does happen for a reason and I am so happy on this venture in my life. Unemployment was a scary time, but I learned so much about myself. Keep pushing, you're on your way!

That being said, the older and wiser I get, the more I realize there’s no time to waste in a place or career that you are unhappy in. Now, I’m not saying to go and quit your job. But! What I am saying is… make conscious efforts every day to get into a career that makes you happy to wake up and go to your job.

I know it’s out there and I’m excited to track down the best fit for my talents and experience.

Anyway, one day at a coffee shop a couple weeks back, I was job searching and was starting to fall into a weird mindset, so I just took a few minutes and started doodling. (Something that’s always calmed me down and helped me refocus my mind in the past.)

Out of nowhere, I write this.

“You are worth it, babe.”

I don’t even know why that’s what came into my head. It just did. I think we all tend to get down on ourselves when we are in search of a new job.

Job Searching is hard, right?!

Why is it so hard?!

Well, it’s because deep down, we are all terrified of rejection. And, what better way to be rejected and find rejection…? Job Searching! (Oh, and modern dating, that’ll get ya!)

One piece of paper and one application stands between you and an interview.

When applying, you have to make sure to stand out amongst all the other applicants and also explain why it is you feel you are qualified for said position. This can be challenging sometimes. You may be the PERFECT candidate for the role, but if you don’t show the employer why, they won’t give you a second look.

That being said, a great resume and impressive cover letter take time. You can’t just use some big words you looked up on and call it a day.

Be Real. Be You. Be the best version of YOU.


Because a good company will see right through the BS and will most likely realize that your normal vocabulary doesn’t consist of some of the words you’re using.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t use to make sure to use different words, just don’t go over the top! Make sure when you read your cover letter back that it actually sounds like you.

Through the rest of this post, my goal for you is to feel confident enough to not only apply for a job, but to not get discouraged when a few rejections flow in.

It is inevitable, rejection will come. Don’t take this personally! It’s not a reflection of your hard work, it’s just circumstance.

Keep applying and the interviews will come – I promise you that! You have my word.

Somehow between college and now, I have become a resume/cover letter whisperer.


Seriously though, I help friends out from all over, because I genuinely find it interesting to see everyone’s career paths. I also just love helping people find their dream jobs and making sure they put their best foot forward.

If you feel you could benefit from some extra help, whether that be revamping your Resume or Cover Letter head over to Cali Careers! There you can find Free Helpful Tools and Free Resume Templates.

If you are just here for the ride, I welcome that even more! I’m going to share some helpful tools throughout this post on what to do and what not to do. Even some downloadables! Yay!

So, first and foremost, let’s start with some ground rules for job searching.

1. Take some time to decide where you see your career path going and what types of jobs will help get you there.

  • A lot of times we jump to job searching before we know what types of jobs we actually want. Take some real time to see where you want to go and what makes you happy. You won’t regret it, promise!

2. Only Apply to Jobs that are good fits.

  • Now, there’s no shame in shooting for the stars, but if you want a job in Brand Marketing, don’t apply for a job in Supply Chain. If it’s not the job you want or won’t help you get to where you see your career going, don’t waste your time or the company’s time.

3. Read the WHOLE Job Posting. (I know they’re long and sometimes feel like overkill but read them!)

  • This is the best way to see if you even want or are qualified for the job in question. Don’t waste your time applying to jobs that deep down you don’t want.

4. Don’t rush an Application.

  • If you are completing a job application in less than 10 minutes, it’s not good. I know that’s blunt, but if you rush a cover letter and throw together a resume, the company will notice, and they will most definitely not be calling you.

5. Tailor each Resume & Cover Letter to the Job you are Applying.

  • No job or company is the same. Your resume and cover letter should reflect that. If you have taken the time to read the job posting, you should be able to sprinkle that into your cover letter to show why you are the best fit. We all know you are worth it but tell them WHY you are worth it.

Now that we have those out of the way, let’s get focused on the Employment Platforms you should most definitely have an account on.

  1. LinkedIn

  2. CareerBuilder

  3. Indeed

  4. Glassdoor

First things first, we all hate excessive emails, so make sure to go setup your email preferences on these platforms. Trust me, you’ll thank me if you do this early on. If not, you will be receiving LOTS of emails.

I put LinkedIn in the first-place spot because it is the world's largest professional networking platform with over 660 Million+ Members. This is the best way to connect to past coworkers and to share your experience with the world.

I always find that my friends forget to update their LinkedIn profiles, while I’m over here using it like Facebook – lol! Don’t forget to keep your profile up to date, especially when on the job hunt. Below are some best practices on what to update to keep your LinkedIn fresh for recruiters and connections:

1. Update Headline

  • The standard headline for most people is just their current job title. Update this to be broader and to share your career interests.

2. Update About Section

  • This section gives you the chance to add some flair to your profile! Introduce yourself and give connections an idea of what your career interests are.

3. Update Job Preferences so Recruiters know you are open to job opportunities.

4. Make sure all Employment and Education Information is current and up to date.

5. Add Certifications & Rewards/Honors.

6. Make sure your skills match your career interests.

Below is a downloadable cheat sheet I created to show the above best practices visually for LinkedIn Beginners:

After you get your LinkedIn updated, you can use all of the information from that profile for your various other employment applications/platforms. It makes life much easier! Take my word for it!

In addition to the above sites, you can also go directly to company websites and apply through their career page. When I find a company I really connect with on LinkedIn or Indeed, I will go directly to their website to apply at the source. I highly recommend this if you find a specific company appealing.

So, once you’ve done ALL of the above, you are ready for the actual applying part of job searching. That means you have ALL of the above prepped and ready to go:

  • Brand, Spankin’ New Resume

  • A Cover Letter Template (Ready to be tailored to each job you’re applying)

  • Account Created and Updated on LinkedIn

  • Active and Updated Accounts on the Various Employment Platforms

Just to make sure you are 100% ready, below is a downloadable Job Searching 101 Checklist. You can use this to help brainstorm career interests/paths, while also making sure you are prepared to apply for jobs.

Once all of this is out of the way, you are ready to put yourself out there! Remember to take your time and only apply for jobs you are truly interested in. If you are inspired by a company’s job posting, make real efforts in your application to let them know that! A great cover letter and resume can go a long way, trust me.

One more note before I leave you… Always remember you are worth it. Rejection is inevitable when on the hunt for a job, so don’t let this discourage you from continuing your search.

Be Real. Be You. Be the best version of YOU.

If you do that, you will get noticed.

I can’t wait to see where this search takes you!

And, once you’re ready, come back to me for Dream Job Magic Part Two.

Until Next Time,


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