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My Disney Shirts of 2021

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hello! I have received countless compliments and questions on where I got all of my fun Disney shirts for my most recent trips to Orlando!

I always make sure to get my Disney gear before heading to Orlando and the parks, because that merchandise is PRICEY. 😂

And, where do I find these cute shirts? Amazon. Obviously - Haha.

Anyway, I've linked below, added sizing, and pictures to help you find some fun Disney shirts of your own. Keep in my mind, I cut lots of my t-shirts into crop tops. LOL When I buy them, they are always full size t-shirts and I just take some scissors to them and make them crop tops. It's that easy!

**Exception to that is my Tie-Dye Lion King shirt, that one was a long sleeve crop top already. And I just tie the Done Adulting T-shirt to achieve a cropped look.

I am obsessed with this shirt! I wear it all the time. This is a typical t-shirt material. I order Men's/Unisex sizing in t-shirts most often because I don't like women's fits when the sleeves are tight and short. I prefer looser fitting sleeves. See sizing info on what I purchased above! And, keep in mind I did cut this shirt into a crop top.

I would have to say this is my most compliment shirt during these Covid times. People love it! Same as above, this is a typical t-shirt material and I ordered the Men's fit because I prefer looser sleeves. I also cut this one into a crop top. Sizing and color info above in picture!

I love this shirt!! Now, the picture on Amazon makes this look like it would be a sweatshirt material, but it's not! it's just a typical t-shirt material, but softer. This is not meant to be a super warming shirt. You would definitely need a jacket. But! It's also not bad as an option for a windy, cooler day. The material is a lightweight material for sure. This only comes in Ladies/Womens sizing. I ordered a Large to be safe since this is a cropped shirt. I love the fit! It is a little loose and I could've gone with the medium, but I like it overall!

I actually bought this shirt back in 2019 before Covid hit. Hence how crowded it looks in Disney + the no masks. This is still on Amazon so I wanted to make sure to link it! This only comes in Womens sizing and the material is more soft and lightweight than a typical t-shirt material. To be safe in womens sizing, since I prefer looser sleeves, I always size up one size. Both my sister-in-law and I are pictured wearing Large's! The color we purchased is literally called "As Shown" - LOL. I would say it's a rose color. It's not exactly the color pictured on Amazon, but I still really like it. I'm a lover of all things pink, so it worked for me.

And, that's it!! Hope you guys enjoy searching for some fun Disney themed shirts!

Until Next Time,


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