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Best Hair Products of 2021

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

This year I wanted to make sure to share all of my favorite product finds of 2021 with all of you wonderful people. If I happen to find more great hair products this year, I will continue to add them on to this post. So be on the lookout!

I will be sharing everything from my favorite hair tools to my favorite hair products. I'm constantly looking for great products to add to my collection because I have naturally curly hair. So, my hair can easily Frizz and do some crazy things - LOL. Anyway, without further ado, see below for my list and reviews of the Best Hair Products of 2021:

OMG. This is literally the best product I have purchased for my hair EVER. I've actually used the more expensive Dry Bar option and honestly I like this one better. Plus, it doesn't break your bank. My naturally curly hair usually is a nightmare with blow dryers and this is completely different. This is the answer!!! My hair comes out practically straight like a blow out with this Hair Dryer. It also is silky soft and takes no time at all to get my hair dry. You have to get one!

If I wasn't already obsessed with Rose Gold, FoxyBae made me even more obsessed. I grabbed this Flat Iron about a year ago and still am absolutely loving it. Not only does this flat iron have the ability to straighten, but it also can curl/wave your hair. It's lightweight, lockable, and you can control the temperature level. I don't ever like having my styling tools too hot, so I love that I can control the temperature. Plus, it's super cute.

I started using this comb anytime my hair is wet. The wide-tooth side of the comb is kinder to all the knots in my naturally curly hair. The cool thing about this comb is that it's multi-functional. When I turn it around, I can use the fine-tooth side of the comb for teasing to add some volume or a poof.

4. All-in-1 Hair Perfectors / Leave-In Masks

I'm sure at this point you all have seen these Hair "Magics" and Hair "Perfectors." A million things all in one! I can confirm that I am a fan of both the FoxyBae option and the Not Your Mothers option. Basically all that marketing is trying to tell you: Use this instead of the millions of other products you use, because we do it ALL. I will say I prefer to use these when I'm styling with my natural curly look vs when I want to use heat on my hair. BUT, you can still use these products as a Heat Protectant as well.

This Conair Curling Iron has been my go-to Curling Iron since legit Middle School. I picked her up at a Walgreens and have used her ever since - LOL. So, YOU KNOW, it works. hahaha. The logo and branding is all worn off but this curling iron is still PERFECT. With it, I have the ability to do tight curls, beachy waves, and a messy curl look. It's so nice. Don't waste your money on a Curling Iron over $20 dollars. This one is $12 and legit has lasted me 15+ Years.

6. My Favorite Heat Protectant Sprays!

I went on a search for some Heat Protectant Sprays recently and stumbled on both of these. Mielle is GREAT for naturally curly haired girls. Their protective formula is the ultimate solution for eliminating frizz, adding shine, and protecting your natural curl pattern. I can 100% say that I've been very happy with this product and it smells great (like a salon product smell)! Now, let's get into the FoxyBae option. I also LOVE this product and again the smell. With the FoxyBae, not only are you protecting your hair from breakage, you’re also making it grow faster and stronger because of its active ingredient, biotin! Try it out!

7. For My Blondes!!! The BEST Purple Shampoos

I've always been a blonde gal myself and I prefer more of a cool-toned Blonde. I've tried numerous types of Purple Shampoos and have come to find that these are my personal favorites. These ACTUALLY work and fight off brassiness. Say no more to being a yellow toned blonde! Grab one of these and you won't be disappointed.

This is my all-time favorite Dry Shampoo. At this point, I've used so many different types of Dry Shampoos and I always come back to Oribe. It's on the pricier side, but it is so worth it for the quality. My hair doesn't feel chalky or weird with this product. And, it smells great!

Best Hair Brush of ALL TIME. I have been using this for years! It's well worth the money. Not only does it give you a nice head massage, but it also is great to use while styling with a blow-dryer or just brushing when your hair is wet. The bristles are further apart so it's great for hair that knots easily.

10. Best Hair Removal Product EVER - For Men & Women!

Ladies & Gents, this razor is life-changing. A REAL GAME CHANGER. I was shook. So, I first saw this lovely razor on an episode of the Bachelorette and then my brother bought it. Like every new product, I went straight to the reviews. Funny enough everyone always rates this amazing, they just say to be careful when getting close to your lady or man parts - LOL. This can be used on the face and body, but obviously if you plan on using it for both, I'd recommend switching out blades. LOL. Definitely worth the money!

Hopefully you can find something in this list to help you out! I have finally mastered finding the best products out there for my hair. Try something out & let me know how it works for you!

Until Next Time,


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