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What Is Cali Creates & Where Are We Going

What Is Cali Creates and Where Are We Going?

Hello there, and welcome to Cali Creates! Whether this is your first time or you’re back again, I’m so glad to have you! It’s been a while since I updated all of you amazing readers, viewers, and listeners of the Cali Creates content. So, I figured it was about time to reintroduce you to where Cali Creates began and where we are going.

This blog was founded in 2019 with the intention of finding out what it takes to find true happiness within your mind, body, and soul. That mission still rings true today, and I am still navigating that path myself even within a whole new environment.

I’m going to break this blog into two parts: Where We Began and Where We Are Going.

I’ll be starting with where we began for those of you who are new to Cali Creates. However, if you are a seasoned reader or listener of the content, feel free to scroll ahead and start at the “Where We Are Going” section.

Where We Began

I’ve been asked this question multiple times over the years, so it is the perfect way to start this section.

What is Cali Creates?

In order to answer that question, I have to take you to the beginning. I began my professional career in Marketing back in 2014 after graduating from LSU (Geaux Tigers!) and I thought I was living the dream. I was working full time in a Marketing role and was climbing the ladder fast. I received 2 promotions within 2 years and was on my way up into a better paid corporate job. Aside from my professional career, I had always been considered a creative person. I enjoyed learning new crafts, cooking and baking new recipes, practicing new forms of exercise, journaling my thoughts, etc. You name it, I tried it.

I sometimes think my creativity stems from the fact that my mind seems to be constantly moving. Sometimes it can feel impossible to shut off my brain. I’m sure some of you can relate. I’m sure some of you can relate.

I’m also someone who has a lot of highs and a lot of lows when it comes to emotions.

I’m up and I’m down, moving from one emotion to the next, especially when I’m not checking in on my mental health or practicing self love. All of those emotions mixed together with PTSD from a sexual assault led to my major burnout and emotional breakdown in 2017.

With the help of a few key people, consistent therapy, and God, I was able to pick myself back up and start the journey to loving myself fully. That journey is still the journey I walk today and it is a journey you have to continue to practice throughout your life. There are days where I still find myself falling back into old patterns. The difference is that now I have the tools to pick myself back up.

When going through my mental breakdown, I didn’t even recognize myself. I had gained weight, tolerated toxic friendships and work environments, and was drinking a lot of alcohol. Ultimately, I did not like who I was becoming.

Fast forward two years and many come to Jesus moments later, I moved myself home to Memphis, TN, started a new job, and made a conscious effort to put myself first.

Except then… I found myself in another toxic work environment. I had fallen back into a pattern of putting work ahead of myself again and left no time for self improvement or creativity. The positive side of this experience was that I left as soon as I saw the red flags and stood up for myself. I chose to no longer let anything come before the work I needed to do on me.

It was scary not knowing when the next paycheck would come, but I was hopeful that something better was coming my way.

That something better was all of you.

Back in 2019, the original Cali Creates blog was built when I was broken down and going through a creative drought, yet I was hopeful for the future. I knew I couldn’t be alone in all of these feelings and Cali Creates was launched in an effort to share my stories and experiences so that maybe even just one person could avoid the pain that I had been through. I always felt alone in my early PTSD and mental health struggles and my goal at Cali Creates was always to help those struggling to know that they are not alone.

At the Cali Creates core, you can find a safe space where stories and experiences are shared in an effort to encourage others by letting them know that they are not alone in the world.

I’ve always said Cali Creates is more than just a blog, it’s a lifestyle. It’s time for you to create your journey to a better life. I was simply creating my journey to finding true happiness and inviting you all along.

THAT is what Cali Creates is.

Cali Creates began as a blog and now has expanded into a Healthy Living Organization. Now, I’d love to take some time to take you through the future of the Cali Creates content.

Where We Are Going

Still today, the Cali Creates core remains true. You can find blogs and podcasts from me, Jessie Cali, the original founder of Cali Creates. Our content will still maintain a strong focus on self improvement in all categories, but will also have some new categories within the lifestyle environment. I will continue to share my stories, opinions, and experiences via the Blog and the Cali Chats Podcast.

First things first, as of 2023, I will be introducing new bloggers and guest writers/speakers here on the site and on the podcast in addition to me.

That being said, I am so excited to welcome our first additional writer to the blog, Jackie Cali Hunt.

You may have guessed it. YES, Jackie is my sister. She has been writing since longer than I can remember and I can’t imagine anyone else being the first additional writer to Cali Creates. Jackie will be offering a different perspective on many of our self improvement categories and will also be writing in some new categories specific to her. She is a great mother of two, a loving wife, and is embarking on a new career endeavor. I can’t wait to share all that she has to offer!

We will also be maintaining a more consistent schedule moving forward. Below you can see when you can expect to see content posted either on the blog or the podcast:

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

And, that’s everything! If you’re looking to start your own journey today and need a little extra motivation, great! Get started by joining our free mailing list.

Otherwise, feel free to take a look around! I am so happy to have you.

Until Next Time,


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